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Michigan Nurses For Life began independently in the hearts of two nurses in the Metro Detroit area in the fall of 1995. One was a LPN; the other was a RN.

Both called the Educational Center For Life in Oakland County to see if there was such a group already in existence. Both were aware there was a National Association of Prolife Nurses, but wanted to be involved in something local. The answer was “no”, but they were given each other's phone number.

After that meeting and a great deal of work, which included developing the purpose, structure, marketing plan, and activities for the organization, MNFL emerged as a vibrant organization.

After a number of phone conversations, the two planned to meet one rainy fall evening in 1995, at a local restaurant. Another nurse, who was a member of a local prolife nursing group that dissolved in the late 1980's, joined them.

Michigan Nurses For Life has now grown to a membership of over 200 health care professionals. Each year an Educational Conference is held and Contact Hours are offered. A great deal has been accomplished, but there is so much more to be done!


Co-Founders MNFL 1995

Jackie BlackwoodMary Lou Temple

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Pregnancy Help Centers

There is a great opportunity and need for volunteers with Pregnancy Help Centers. If the thought of touching lives is exciting to you, contact a center in your area by visiting or calling MNFL office at 248-816-8489. Your medical skills can be utilized in so many ways.

NOTE: 85% of women who see their baby through ultrasound choose LIFE for their baby!


The SHARE program needs nurses to teach in the high school program and teachers (training provided) for the junior high program. Contact Evelyn at or 248-293-0070 x102.

All you Facebook Folks----the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses now has a Facebook site. Please check it out, become a fan and let the light for Life shine on Facebook!

Dear Colleague,

I am really glad that the warm weather is approaching. I like summer much better than winter!

You have probably been reading many articles on the determined efforts of those who support assisted suicide and euthanasia to promote their agenda.

The news from Europe is really rather frightening. In several countries, the elderly, the mentally ill, those not terminally ill and little children are being euthanized sometimes without their request or permission. In some cases, seriously ill children are being denied care. In our own country, insurance companies are refusing to pay for transfers from one hospital to another for seriously ill patients and are also refusing to pay for drugs or treatments that offer real hope for extending lives. However, in at least two cases, when transfers and medications were refused, assisted suicide drugs were offered as an alternative for treatment.

This kind of “care” is certainly not something I would want for myself or my loved ones. If euthanasia is being imposed on the vulnerable now, how long will it be before it is imposed on lives “deemed not worthy to be lived” by the government? Can’t happen here? Don’t bet the farm!

Our conference on October 7, 2017 will find Nancy Valka, RN, a member of the board of the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses addressing these very issues. Nancy has been a longtime opponent of Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia and is a nationally known speaker on the subject. She has a wealth of information to share which might help us to slow the train wreck of Euthanasia. Jason Negi will be there also to help us understand the legalities of end of life decisions and then both Jason and Nancy will answer your questions.

Mark your calendars now—this could be one of the most important conferences MNFL has hosted in a long time.

Enjoy your summer!

Love Life!


  Diane Trombley
Diane Trombley , RN, BSN
President, MNFL

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