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Michigan Nurses For Life began independently in the hearts of two nurses in the Metro Detroit area in the fall of 1995. One was a LPN; the other was a RN.

Both called the Educational Center For Life in Oakland County to see if there was such a group already in existence. Both were aware there was a National Association of Prolife Nurses, but wanted to be involved in something local. The answer was “no”, but they were given each other's phone number.

After that meeting and a great deal of work, which included developing the purpose, structure, marketing plan, and activities for the organization, MNFL emerged as a vibrant organization.

After a number of phone conversations, the two planned to meet one rainy fall evening in 1995, at a local restaurant. Another nurse, who was a member of a local prolife nursing group that dissolved in the late 1980's, joined them.

Michigan Nurses For Life has now grown to a membership of over 200 health care professionals. Each year an Educational Conference is held and Contact Hours are offered. A great deal has been accomplished, but there is so much more to be done!


Co-Founders MNFL 1995

Jackie BlackwoodMary Lou Temple

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The National Association of Pro-Life Nurses will award a $1,000 scholarship to a pro-life student enrolled in a nursing school.  The application must be completed and returned to NAPN by February 15, 2018.

Click here for further details and the registration form.


Pregnancy Help Centers

There is a great opportunity and need for volunteers with Pregnancy Help Centers. If the thought of touching lives is exciting to you, contact a center in your area by visiting or calling MNFL office at 248-816-8489. Your medical skills can be utilized in so many ways.

NOTE: 85% of women who see their baby through ultrasound choose LIFE for their baby!


CARE NET Pregnancy Center is seeking a part-time staff nurse for their Detroit location.  They will provide ultrasound training.

Contact:  Laura Farrugia, RN:  248-545-6411 ext. 109

All you Facebook Folks----the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses now has a Facebook site. Please check it out, become a fan and let the light for Life shine on Facebook!

Dear Colleagues,

Usually when I write this column there is some issue or activity that is imminent and of interest. Not so this time. It is pretty quiet right now.

Everything I have to tell you about is in the future. First and foremost, we are pleased to announce that Dr. George Delgado will be our featured speaker at the MNFL conference on Sept 15th. Dr. Delgado has been the prime mover in the abortion pill reversal effort and will tell us how that all came about. We also hope to have Tim Stickle, director of Crossroads Care Center at the conference to tell us about how they are gearing up to provide reversals at Crossroads. So, mark your calendars for September 15.

On March 20th, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the case out of California which would have required pro-life pregnancy help centers to advertise, in writing and verbally, the services and locations of abortion clinics. This information is to be provided to women seeking help for problem pregnancies at pro-life clinics. The Supreme Court will not announce their decision until the end of June, but we are hopeful that they will not demand that pro-life pregnancy centers promote abortion clinics.

Unfortunately the most recent federal budget did nothing to defund Planned Parenthood. It was a promise made, but not kept. We need to make our voices heard for reconsideration.

I must admit, I am rather concerned at how little pro-life information is being allowed on main stream media sources. More and more frequently, pro-life activities are being ignored, or opposing views are quoted during a pro-life event. It is difficult for pro-life speakers to appear on college campuses. They are being barred by student activities or, in some cases; their invitations have been rescinded by university officials due to threats of violence against the school or the speaker. I am reminded of Sisyphus, the mythological Greek king, who was forced to push a giant bolder up a high hill only to have it come rolling down time after time. Sisyphus was an evil king and so had to roll this stone for all eternity. There will come a day when our stone will stay at the top of the hill and all life will be safe. Count on it.

Love Life!


  Diane Trombley
Diane Trombley, RN, BSN
President, MNFL

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